Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today Shoes For You

High bun, high black makeup and a cigarette in hand. The image of Amy Winehouse will remain eternal in its visibility. Perhaps this reliance and Jean-Paul Gaultier, whose spring-summer collection is inspired precisely by the singer.

The gorge of Gautier during Fashion Week in Paris caused a real sensation among lovers of expensive designer clothes. The very first model, appeared on the podium was an exact copy of Amy, learned on Monday. Indeed, in this embodiment the image was not just one. High-profile names in the fashion business as Andrew and Carly Peich Kloss also extravagant outfits walked the runway in Paris.

Gaultier was inspired by the skill of the late to mix different styles, although none of them fashion magazine has put on its cover. "Amy was unique both in music and in her way of dressing," said Gaultier backstage. "She mixed various influences to create his own style." 

The emphasis in the collection is on corsets, and on mixing bright colors with black. It includes a poly type "pencil" clothes and tiny white dots fitting trousers, typical representatives of the wardrobe of the singer of "Back to black". Some of the outfits you can see in our gallery.

French designer is usually associated with the name of Madonna, but not this time. Even music, which marched models was in the performance of Amy Winehouse. Some define it as a fashion icon, others - like a fool with no taste. Whatever it was, however, hardly another star can boast such an acknowledgment, albeit posthumously - one of the greatest designers? devoted a whole collection.
Fashion Week in London is now in full swing. Talented designers present their collections to the world and although we are still in the winter of 2012, already preparing for the colder days after 12 months.

Only two days ago British designer Stella McCartney also showed their creations. But do it in an unusual way. Models are not walking in "cat" trail and danced on tables. And local beauties were celebrating in a metropolitan folk club, which are a common sight.

Miss McCartney presented her collection by flashmob. Innovative and interesting solution, we believe, and most importantly its quality is that it is different. Clothes that are fashionable in the winter of 2013, are divided into two types: abstract and strictly formal.

In fact, the designer has put the dresses in different lengths, decorated with many contrasting colors, including blue and green dominate the one hand, and orange and red on the other. Formal models are monochrome, mainly in black, white and blue. Interesting dress imitation jacket is also part of the collection.

Lynchpin between the models is golden belt present in both the abstract and in clean clothes.

Part of the collection can be found in our gallery, and a little below offer video flashmob unusual fashion.
The first images of collaboration between luxury brand Marni and Swedish giant H & M are already in place, and observing the beauty who created the designers look more eagerly March 10.

Marni's collection for H & M combines classical broadcasting, playful, funky patterns and color palettes for spring. According to some critics, the Swedish clothing brand has led to a new, fresh and different. We see in one place as romantic vintage patterns and modern eye-catching proposals, skirt with zipper unzipped, dressed on the calibrated wedge.

Dots, stripes, lines and abstract ideas grab our attention fully to complete the perfect funky look. Missing only skates and a pink lollipop for taste.
Colorful palette presented in plain clothes patterns, neon colors and light knits. Spring-summer campaign of United Colors of Benetton is not true to the approved style.

Famous brand is part of the fashion world for over 40 years. Almost half a century it offers clothing for his fans, suitable for any busy day, and impressive color combinations and secure comfort.

Contrasting colors are set, once again, the new collection. Do not be afraid to combine opposite colors because Benetton clearly demonstrate that the experiment is successful.

Sunny days bring and sunny mood. So spring is the perfect time for courageous decisions in clothing. Visit our gallery and help yourself to its warm inspiration. Do not be afraid of unconventional ideas, because they certainly can look surprisingly well.

Rigid our senses cold just melted, could make once the first shots of the hot summer offers from Guess by Marciano. All this flesh, bold and provocative dresses looks managed to cause us a moment to forget the harsh realities and snow to bury heads in the clouds with dreams.

Prints bright, saturated colors and flashing heels long unlocked the secret dreams of our scorching summer sun, cocktails on the beach and poolside parties. Looking at the sculpted bodies Shoot Recalling that it is time to resume workouts in the gym and start to give healthy diets.

The core of the design decisions among Guess by Marciano stand maxi dresses with deep slits and mini models with sparse patterns. Massive jewelry remains constant required to achieve complete sexy look from head to toe. Sheer fabrics, colored in orange and turquoise, fall freely on the body and leaves us to be comfortable in your skin.

The concept of colorful bohemian beauty is complemented with a mix of solid metal ornaments and jewels, brimming with colorful stones and beads. Guess by Marciano will not disappoint fans of the exquisite and accessories. Spring-summer collection brings together brand handbags and shoes to suit every occasion and taste. Equally liked high heels and convenient platforms, dyed in seductive shades. We wanted color small but appreciated the convenience and functionality of the bags displacement models in the series.

Magnificent footage of spring-summer advertising campaign of the American brand helpfully remind us how beautiful can be a woman with a little blush and freely put hair on large soft waves. Summer is the season where we forget about complicated hairstyle and makeup excess - slight tan is enough for us to feel truly beautiful.

Almost time to provoke your favorite female weakness - shopping - and to recharge your wardrobe with new season signings. Visit our gallery and get inspired with fresh ideas for warmer months. The design team of Guess is the happy medium between what women want to wear and what men want to see - style and sexiness in shock doses. Recharge with a little patience, cloudless sunny days already traveling towards us.